COVID-19 imposes a serious risk to the health of our society and the economy. LivCity is here to assist restaurants, cafes, bars and other venues in creating a safe, healthy and profitable environment.  Our safety measures will help your business stay open and navigate these unprecedented times.

Contactless Menus

Avoid cleaning or tossing menus.  Instead, have a fully customizable real-time menu.  Added bonus of no menu cost to make changes!

Contactless Payments

Protect staff and customers by avoiding payment terminals and paper receipts.

STAP to Encourage Social Distancing

STAP chips can be used to encourage people to stay in one area.  You can layout STAP chips to act like a virtual bar or table.  Customers will STAP and order then your staff can deliver it to that area or send a notification for one order to be picked up at a time.  Think of it like LivCity acting as 20 staff taking orders so the real staff can focus on customer service and filling orders. 

Real-time Updates for Customers

The LivCity news reel is great for updating customers and telling new customers about events, new menu items and specials.  Send out full marketing campaigns in seconds without the high costs!


Simply send customers a notification when their order is ready.  The only difference is LivCity does not charge you high fees.

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